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orange coast INSPECTION provides a full range of professional investigative services to complement the services of your other team members in any remediation-type project. Just like any other investigative/reconstruction project, you can expect to encounter five distinct phases. Microbial remediation projects are conducted in several phases to ensure the success of the total project. Failure of any phase of the project will often lead to total project failure. For example, the failure to properly clear personal effects can often lead to elevated mold levels within a properly remediated home. Attention should be given to each phase of the project. These phases are discussed below.


The visual survey is performed to document the initial findings of the property as well as to develop an initial hypothesis as to what potential contamination is affecting the property. A testing plan is developed and initial testing is conducted to determine the type, level and extent of microbial activity within the facility or residence. Investigative testing may include spore trap analysis, viable air sampling, swab & bulk sampling, particle surveys and moisture readings of building substrates. These tests provide a basis on which to gauge the success and/or failure of the remediation project. Initial testing can also provide information necessary and helpful in the development of project specifications.


Project design is typically provided to the remediation contractor through the indoor air quality professional. The project design should indicate the findings of the original testing, containment areas, respiratory protection, the extent of contamination removal, equipment needs, proper cleaning methods to be used, safety precautions, etc.

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Remediation involves the complete removal of all contamination within the affected area. The remediation contractor must ensure that the project specifications are completely followed or the project is destined to fail. The use of the proper equipment is essential. For example, the use of shop vacuums versus HEPA vacuums (labeled for hazard waste removal) will always result in project failure. This phase of the project will often involve the removal and cleaning of personal effects.


Post remediation acceptance sampling is conducted to ensure the homeowner, building manager, remediation contractor, insurance company and other interested parties that the remediation was successful. This phase of testing involves similar testing used in Phase I with a higher degree of substrate testing conducted. Post remediation tests should also be conducted of personal effects if it is suspected or known that contamination of these items has occurred.


Rebuilding should only begin after post remediation acceptance sampling indicates that the remediation was successful. Beginning the rebuild or sealing substrates with an anti-microbial protective coating prior to final acceptance sampling will often lead to higher project cost and further delays.

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